America First

Khan Industrial Supply LLC is the projected leading provider of supplies and repair services in the United States.

Our company was founded in 2018 as a local enterprise for redistributing the wealth from the private sector, to public organizations, projects, and community improvements. We focus on keeping every dollar that we can inside the United States of America.

The United States is facing elimination in the next few decades unless more is done to combat the redistrbution of wealth to China. US based companies are competing against companies in China that operate at cost, and are then subsidised for a profit by the Chinese government. They manufacture outside environmental regulations witout penalty, and they run slave labor.

We want to make a difference by taking the market from the large corporateions and pouring our profits into building our nation. Insted of profit sharing with the shareholders, we will share with the people. We deserve our roads to be paved. We deserve to have our bridges safe. We deserve to have a highly educated and capable middle class. We deserve more than the government will ever give us.

It is our hope that by example, we will instill nationalist pride in Americans and inspire more to take action not only buy American products, but to PRODUCE as an American. We may not be able to reverse the damage done by politicians, but we can try.

Our Mission

We provide the absolute best products and services to our customers, reversing the damage done to the US labor market from foreign siphoning by creating and supporting community programs for education and ethical guidance by the grace of God.

Our History


We partnered with Rask Distribution and CE Power in order to provide electrical services.


We started working with clients case by case to locally stock inventory.


In 2018, we expanded our capabilites from Colorado Springs, to nationwide with 12 fully stocked distribution centers.

Social Responsibility

We support our Constitution, we support our Military, and we support our fellow community service members. We believe it is important to be heard and to be felt. Our entire existence is predicated on our duty to our community.