Emergency Services

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    Edward Alexander
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Planning for a disaster or an outage is sometimes almost impossible. Things happen and unless we are prepared, the price can be costly. When things go wrong, thats where we shine. Our network of highly skilled engineers with comprehensive design and engineering expertise, along without our surplus equpiment, parts, and relationships with our vendors, means we have your back to get you up and running if things go South.

Contact us before the lights go out, and we can implement a plan in case they do to ensure maximal budget efficiency and preparedness. Our emergence response services include:

  • - 24/7 emergency response

  • - Cost-effective, time-effective solutions

  • - Depth of resources and technical expertise

  • - Design and procurement of replacement equipment

  • - Disaster recovery

  • - Engineering input on all emergency service calls

  • - Extensive OEM network to expedite

  • - Installation and commissioning of replacement equipment

  • - Large parts inventory to replace failed components immediately

  • - Major investments in training and safety

  • - On-staff NETA®-certified engineers and technicians

  • - Rapid turnaround

  • - Temporary service for failure

  • - Verification of new equipment application

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

With 45 years of expertise and a stellar reputation among our clients, we can help you implement solutions to match your needs and budget.