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Every project is different and the needs can sometimes greatly vary. Our partners can provide you with the fit-for-purpose turnkey support you require for your power-generation and substation upgrades, meeting your time and budget requirements. Our services include

Our flexibility includes any custom-designed configurations. Our independent position and OEM relationships ensure that the solution will be best suited for the application, without bias

  • - Arc flash hazard assessment and remediation

  • - Commissioning of equipment

  • - Engineering/design development

  • - Engineer of record

  • - Final testing

  • - Installation of equipment

  • - Licensed, on-staff Professional Engineers

  • - Modification of equipment as necessary

  • - Power generation and substation upgrade project management

  • - Procurement

  • - Replacement of power switchgear

  • - Upgrade and replacement of substation power equipment

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

With 45 years of expertise and a stellar reputation among our clients, we can help you implement solutions to match your needs and budget.